4 Simple Tips For Maintaining Healthy Hair

4 Simple Tips For Maintaining Healthy Hair
Written by Micah Phillips

If you already have a habit of washing your hair daily with that drugstore shampoo, you’ve already taken the wrong path. It means that you’re actually not doing any good to your hair and it is getting damaged further every day. So, what exactly is there that you can do to get healthier and fuller looking hair?

Well, what you may have been doing over the years is to “lather, rinse and then repeat” but that is not the best thing to do for maintaining good hair health. When you wash your hair with an ordinary shampoo that you might have found at the supermarket, which is probably filled with harsh cleansers, can actually irritate the scalp besides stripping the hair of all its natural oils that are required for healthy and smooth hair that can be styled easily. So, here is what you need to do for getting the healthy hair that you have been striving for so long.

  1. Go Sulfate-Free

If you want to achieve healthy hair to flaunt one of the coolest hairstyles you found at it’s time that you go sulfate-free. Even though most of the shampoo bottles you find at the supermarket are economical, it is likely that they have some harsh chemicals called the sulfates. If you read the ingredient labels, you’ll see that they’re mentioned as “sodium lauryl sulfate”, “sodium lauryl esther sulfate”, and “sodium laureth sulfate”. To be honest, these are the detergents which can be helpful in making these products sudsy, they’re all major contributors in making your hair deprived of healthy natural oils and all you are left with is brittle, dry and hard-to-manage hair. So, if you want to avoid such effects and keep your hair healthy, you should better look for sulfate-free or, at least, low-sulfate shampoos that clean your hair without getting rid of the natural oils. Remember, you may not find such good quality shampoo products at most of the drugstores and, therefore, you should better ask the barber for some suggestions. You may also make an online search with the search term “buy sulfate-free shampoos online” and it’s quite likely that you will come across quite a few good products.

  1. Shampooing Is Not For Everyday

Yes, that’s a fact which many of us are not aware of. Most of the credible hairstylists and barbers recommend that you should shampoo your hair not more than a couple of times every week only. Wondering why? Well, if you start washing your hair on a daily basis – regardless of whether your shampoo is sulfate-free or not – it will strip off some oil from your scalp and hair making it dryer and dryer with every passing day. In addition, most of the styling products such as hairsprays and gels are all water-soluble and it’s not necessary for you to shampoo your hair for rinsing them out of your hair. However, when you change your hair-wash routine and start washing it only a couple of times a week, initially the hair will start looking greasy and then it won’t look like that once you have followed the new routine for several weeks. In addition, you will notice that your hair has become a lot softer and healthier as well.

  1. Condition It Everyday

Conditioning your hair doesn’t require you to shampoo it first. Besides, when you condition your hair on everyday basis, it helps in protecting and moisturizing the hair while also soothing the rough cuticles at the same time. According to specialists, we should condition our hair every day while using shampoo only twice every week rather than doing it the other way around. Daily conditioning can be the most helpful option for men who have curly hair. The reason is that smoothing cuticles of the kinky hair can be helpful in preventing bed-raggled look. Just go into the shower and wet your hair somewhat, apply a bit of conditioner to your hair and rinse it. Soon before you notice, your hair will start getting better as you continue this routine.

  1. Make Wise Choices

Yes, you should make wise choices when it comes to shampoo selection. All the different shampoos, even those sulfate-free and low-sulfate types, aren’t perfect for all the hair types. For example, if you color your gray hair, it is really important for you to go with sulfate-free shampoos that are specifically formulated for the chemically-treated hair. It is due to the fact that sulfates or any other additives may end up striping the tint off. So, you really need to be very careful with your choice here.

Keeping your hair healthy and strong doesn’t require you to do something extraordinary. Rather, it’s just a few basics that you need to take care of and you will be able to develop a routine that will automatically help you improve your overall hair health. Even the four simple points described above can work wonders for your hair and you’ll soon see your hair getting healthier than ever if you stick to these points in your hair care routine.

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