Beware Before Your Smile Goes Up in Smoke

Written by Micah Phillips

I can speak freely now. I can eat my favorite food without worries. My social bonding is getting better. All thanks to my proper oral hygiene. But the same couldn’t be said a few months back. I was going through a lot of stuff at once. I was suffering from Periodontal disease. My experience making through this condition is not exceptional but it can be set as an example for others.


I was addicted to smoking. Living a day without it was next to impossible. Cigarettes in breaks, after breakfast, lunch, dinner. Simply put, I was committed to smoking more than anything else. This affected my health without me knowing about it.


My health deteriorated at a very fast pace. Little did I know that due to smoking my immune system had become very weak. There were other health problems as well but the one that made the greatest impact on me was the gum disease or Periodontitis. Constant snacking combined with smoking was the major contributor to my condition. I couldn’t eat like before as my teeth were weakened due to swollen and bleeding gums. Doctors advised a liquid diet for the first couple of weeks until the effect of smoking started to wear off.


Fast forward a few distressing months, in the absence of smoking, I began to feel better. For all those who have tried and succeeded (or tried and failed, understandably) to quit smoking is not an easy task. It was one of the toughest times I have experienced, but my body demanded it and I had to take the right action. Fortunately, the gum disease was detected in its early stage and so it was treatable. The dentist suggested regular brushing and flossing with their recommended toothpaste. This time I listened to their advice which worked in my favor. A couple of days later, the dentist advised me to use Oracura Smart Wireless Flosser for more effective flossing.


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To my surprise, it worked like a charm. The flosser gave a gentle massage to my gums with its pulsating mode. It also helped me recover from other oral ill effects like dry mouth, bad breath, and cavities. Regular usage of Oracura Water Flosser with proper brushing helped me recuperate from my condition very quickly. I have quit smoking and ridiculous snacking habit a long time ago.

The lesson I learned was that you pick up bad habits very quickly which are then difficult to let go but there are always less painful saving graces (like my flosser) if you give up in time, though my advice to people smoking out there will be ‘Quit while you still can smile about it and quit even if you can’t.’

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