Choosing the Best Exercise Bike for an Effective Workout

Best Exercise Bike for an Effective Workout
Written by Micah Phillips

Exercise bikes are available in the market in a variety of forms and styles. Every exercise bike is different and used for a different purpose. Whether you want to lose or maintain weight, choosing the right exercise bike is crucial for your fitness goals.

The right exercise bike can help you increase your cardio fitness, burn fat and build a lean physique. The best way to choose an exercise bike is to consider your fitness goals and the features you want on the bike.

The Fitness Goals

Before you decide to buy an exercise bike you need to think about your fitness goals. You need to consider whether you are going to use the bike for weight loss, event training, high-intensity interval training or gym training.

If you want a bike for achieving an athletic physique, you need a forward leaning position to generate more power while paddling.  The seating should keep your lower back comfortable while using the bike. The bikes with an upright bike are the best for the comfort of your lower back.

Cardio training

Cardio training

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If you prefer long cardio workouts more than 30 minutes, then bikes with the hybrid position are right for you as they have back support and sufficient power for pedalling. People who change the routine and position can have a right balance of strength and comfort. If you can spend more, consider buying an upright exercise bike. You should purchase the one with a chest strap. It will offer you a great training experience and enhance your workout performance.

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Intense cardio workout

If you want to use the bike for a high-intensity cardio workout, then you need to consider the pedalling power. The machines for the cardio exercise are designed in a way to transfer maximum power to the pedals for intense workouts. The seat is slightly backward to keep the back bent during pedalling.

Recovery and Rehabilitation

Recovery and Rehabilitation

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People who want an exercise bike for rehabilitation and recovery from an injury or illness should prefer the comfortable seating position rather than pedalling performance and power. Also, the seating position should be comfortable to keep the back in a straight posture.

The seat should have back support and should not exert much weight on your knees and ankles. The focus should not be on the power of performance but recovery and strengthening of muscles.

Features and their benefits

The flywheel weight

The comfort and fluidity depend on the weight of the flywheel. More is the weight of the flywheel; more will be the comfort while cycling. If you are a beginner, choose a fly-wheel with a weight less than 10 kg, if you have been exercising for more than a year choose between 10 to 15 kg flywheel. If you are an expert and have more than two years of experience, you can select a flywheel of more than 15 kg weight.

The resistance

Users can adjust the mechanical resistance by turning the adjustment wheel on the bike. The magnetic strength can be changed from the bike’s console.  The magnetic resistance is controlled by a magnet that comes in contact with the wheel of the bike. Some machines with magnetic resistance have predefined exercise programs with a range of resistance.

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Weight and Stability

The stability of the bike is one of the most important aspects that you must consider. Try riding the bike before buying it. If the bike wobbles while you use it, you should not consider buying it, as it may imbalance and lead to injury to the user.

The stability of the bike is related to its weight. More the weight of the bike more will be its stability. However, the weight should not be more than the maximum supported weight that is 120 to 150 kg.

Seat and handlebars

Seat and handlebars

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Make sure that the seat and handlebars are adjustable so that you can make your ideal position on the bike for comfort and optimal performance. An adjustable seat allows you to adjust it to the height of your hips and pedal effectively. Some machines also have the feature of horizontal seat adjustment.

The console

The console of the stationary bike is where you can see all the information of your workout sessions like your speed, riding time, distance and average calories used. You can check the readings on the console, that helps you to know your progress and performance. The data in digital form should be large enough to be read easily. Nowadays, users can connect the consoles of the exercise bikes to other devices like smartphones and MP3 players.

Types of Exercise Bikes

There are five types of exercise bikes you can choose from. The bike you want depends on your workout requirements.

Upright exercise bike: These bikes are compact and the best to enhance the muscle tone and strengthen the lower body. Upright exercise bike offers a good cardio workout.

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Upright exercise bike:

Source: NYmag

Recumbent exercise bike: These bikes come with back support and suitable for people who are in a recovery stage. It targets your glutes and abdomen more than an upright bike. It is best for people recovering from knee and foot injuries.

Hybrid exercise Bikes: Hybrid bikes are a combination of the upright and recumbent exercise bikes. You can vary the exercise position for a wide range of leg and abdominal muscles. Varying the position can also be comfortable for your back and posture.

Indoor cycling bikes: If you want to train for an event or use the bike regularly, buy an indoor cycling bike. Indoor cycling bikes have greater resistance levels for more intense workout and training. The higher resistance levels stimulate the gears and hills when you use the bike outdoors.

Final Note

The exercise bikes are quite popular in the US and Australia. If you live in Brisbane, you can search for the exercise bikes Brisbane to check the available options. The bike you choose depends on your fitness goals and comfort level. You must consider the fitness level, goals and requirements of the user before choosing an exercise bike.

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