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Developments In The Baby During Third Trimester

Developments In The Baby During Third Trimester
Written by Micah Phillips

The third and the final trimester is usually the most exciting one. A woman actually feels the signs of presence of a being inside her which are more prominent than during any other trimester. The third trimester begins at the end of 27 weeks or your second trimester. The mothers usually start preparing everything in this trimester and are super eager to know their due dates however, the doctor keeps them waiting till the date is super near. This is because due date depends upon numerous factors and if you’ve been pregnant before, your other pregnancies might last a shorter period of time than this one.

The diets change during the third trimester and yes, this trimester accompanies extra care with it because you might actually have to go to the doctor any time. However, as this is the final trimester and the baby is almost done with the basic developments and going through the final ones, therefore the diets that one consumes during this trimester must be actually considered and it is very important to go according to the diet plan.

You can ask the gym your diets and exercises however, the internet has helped you with everything and now thanks to it, it has everything available and everything regarding the diet plan during gestation period can be searched upon over the internet.


Okay so when you enter this phase, you’ll feel yourself super excited to see the baby, hold him and love him. However, you must understand that the developments have not yet ended because there is so much going on in your body to help support the baby.

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Here are a few developments in the baby that happen during your final trimester.

– During the 28th week, your baby has the ability to open and close his eyes. The CNS is able to control the temperature of the baby and is also able to take control of his breathing center. Eyelashes had been formed during the second trimester.

-During the 29th week, you can actually feel the presence more prominent than during any other trimester. Your baby will make you feel its presence by kicking and by making different movements. That is a sign or indication that your baby is doing well in the body.

-During the 30th and 31st week, the baby’s hair start growing. However, know that the baby’s hair developed during second trimester but they start elongating during the third one. 31st week means a gain in weight of the baby. This is a quick process because the initial developments have been completed.

-During the 32nd and 33rd week, baby starts breathing. Basically, there is a layer which covers the hair of the baby all over the body. This layer falls. During the 33rd week, eyes start playing their part. They can catch light and dilate the pupil in accordance. Also, the bones are not as soft as they were but yes, the skull still remains soft.

– Three weeks after the 33rd week, the baby skin is super soft and smooth. You might feel a lot of stretches however, the baby is not able to punch. The fingernails of the baby also begin to grow during the 34th week.

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-Week 37, 38 and 39, the baby changes its posture. The head comes out first during the normal delivery and so it positions itself in a way which is suitable for it. However, if your baby isn’t position in this way, it is not normal and the doctor will help you with it. The baby’s lanugo has been shed, his toenails have grown and the chest becomes prominent. Fat is added all across the baby in order to provide the layer of insulation to the baby.

Week 40th is the final week.

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The necessary diets which help in the development of the baby during third trimester have been given below.

1- Consumption of Tomatoes.

Consumption of tomatoes during this trimester is extremely important because you need a blend of vitamins.

2- Nuts and the beans.

This is very important for other trimester too. During this trimester, you need thiamine and for that purpose, nuts and beans must be consumed. They make the healthiest of snacks. Also, they’re tasteful.

3- Avocadoes.

Avocadoes are the healthiest and whenever one hears the word weight loss, they always know avocadoes will be in the list. Avocadoes contain vitamin C and E. And you do need these in good amounts.

4- Vegetable salad.

Leafy green vegetables such as lettuce is super healthy. It will detoxify the body and will surely help in providing you with all the necessary nutrition that you and your baby need during the third trimester.

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5- Fruits.

Obviously fruits are very important. Vitamin C is needed as the deficiency of it can causes diseases therefore, consumption of fruits for that purpose is highly needed. Placenta takes the help from vitamin C in order to develop. To keep the immune system in their proper function and working, fruits help. Therefore the importance of food consumption cannot be neglected.


Numerous people are unaware of the fact that pregnancy due date calculators actually exist. These calculators help you know what your expected due date is even before the doctor and so you do not have to wait for the doctor to inform you.

These calcutors are absolutely free and require no hastle of personal information so you can use them with full satisfaction. Moreover, the calculator also helps you with keeping a record of the trimesters. You can know the duration of each trimester. The calculator just helps you be organized and composed. You can have the idea of what trimester you’re in and you can change your routines in accordance.

The due date calculator also helps you know when you should go to the doctor to be admitted in the hospital. So you can just get yourself mentally ready for all the process.

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