HELLO, YELLOW! 4 Yellow-Colored Fruits That Do Excellent Things to Your Skin

Yellow-Colored Fruits That Do Excellent Things to Your Skin
Written by Micah Phillips

Humans have been blessed with foods that are not just delicious but also useful and advantageous. Many of the foods you eat serve different purposes and some of those purposes are even unexpected and surprising.

Fruits are among the food categories that offer diverse gains and that function excellently for the huge benefit of the body. They are good for internal health and at the same time for external health, for what’s visible and felt. Fruits are very good for the skin. They have specific boons which you might not have known and thought of.

There are numerous fruits out there with numerous goods, so a specific classification is discussed below. Here are 4 yellow-colored fruits that make the skin healthier:


People love mango-flavored juices, shakes and ice creams. They are really tasty and mouth-watering! There are red and green mangoes in particular locations and seasons, but the subject at hand is the yellow mango! The bright, sweet-scented mango fruit is absolutely skin-friendly. Countless vitamins and minerals can be acquired from the fruit itself and from products made of it.

One of the many skin issues a lot of people face is acne and acne breakouts. You might be surprised because these mangoes help prevent breakouts. The mango has cleansing features that enable it to eliminate bacteria and other unwanted foreign bodies that lead to pimples and blackheads. The Magnesium in it helps reduce rosacea and acne.

Mangoes also function in protecting the skin from the sun’s effects. They can shield the skin from free radicals and from the damage caused by Ultraviolet rays. The Copper in this fruit lessens wrinkles and lightens the skin.

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Not only does the mango taste refreshing but it also makes you look and feel rejuvenated. A youthful feeling and the fun of summer time can be related to mango because of its radiance as you look at this fruit. Fortunately, it also does a good job in collagen production to tighten the skin and avoid premature aging shown in skin pigmentation and changing textures.


The banana fruit is well-known for the benefits of the Potassium content in it, but it has so much more than just Vitamin K.

This fruit functions well in skin rejuvenation as it keeps the skin away from the damaging peeling which may be caused by shifts in environmental factors like weather and by reactions to skin care products. If the skin is dry, the vitamin A in the banana can renew the moisture taken away by destructive factors.

Because of the Vitamins C and B6 found in the banana, the elasticity of the skin is retained and even more nourished. This property contributes to the prevention of skin aging, together with the huge quantities of antioxidants in it. The lines on the skin can be reduced and avoided.

Puffy eyes, which is some people’s problem, can be treated well with the help of the healthy number of Potassium content in the fruit. It functions well in easing the swelling. Banana peels do this job effectively.

Skin pigmentation problems like dullness and unhealthy spots usually located on the face can be fought off as well. As a moisturizing agent, properties of bananas can remove dead skin to give you a smooth and soft skin. The fruit comes with antibacterial properties too.


Another fruit that makes you think of the warmth and glee of summer is the pineapple! There are sweet and sour pineapples, and sometimes, your face gets crumpled if you get the sour ones! Whether yours is sour or sweet, this fruit can be very helpful for your skin’s health.

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Because of the alpha-hydroxy acids that pineapples have, skin aging is less likely to speed up on you. Together with the antioxidants present in the fruit itself, those acids throw off free radicals that wreck the skin’s good condition. Warts which are benign lumps that grow on the skin caused by a virus can eventually be fended off by directly applying pineapple juice to the affected skin areas.

Pineapples aren’t just revitalizing as drinks but also exfoliating as a skincare product. Dead skin cells are junked, and the skin is brightened. Chronic acne inflammation can be minimized. Skin pigmentation issues due to dark spots, wounds and scars can also be solved by the ascorbic acid found in this multiple-eyed yellow fruit.

You might not know but pineapples are also good in producing soft and even softer lips. You just have to be cautious because they are acidic, so they won’t be good but hurtful to cracked skin.


The lemon is a famous citrus fruit. It is very unique for its extremely sour taste that makes anyone’s face literally wrinkle and warp. It fits so well with drinks and special beverages. Some dishes and desserts also include lemon in them, such as the lemon chicken and lemon tarts. Also, homecare products’ usual scents include lemon.

Lemons aren’t only good with those mentioned previously but are very friendly to the human skin as well. First of all, it is obviously abundant in Vitamin C. The immune system is improved as the antioxidant works in removing toxicants, keeping the skin well-toned and shielding it from pigmentation problems. Aside from Vitamin C, lemons also contain Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium, all important to enhance the skin’s state.

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As a skin astringent, lemons help in firming and smoothing your skin especially that on the face. Your pores are also caused to close. When a pore is opened, it gets irritated and leads to zits because dirt enters in; that’s why it must be closed.

Lemons have so many benefits to the skin’s good health. The antiseptic qualities they have help discard dead cells. The lemon also comes with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities which are very important in fighting off foreign elements from damaging the skin.


The fruits mentioned above may sometimes vary in color depending on the seasons and the places, but they are universally known to be yellow in color. It is really amazing to find out that these luscious blessings are full of value in many different ways.

They cannot just be eaten but their parts, like seeds, peels, extracts and many more, can be used directly on the skin for its own good as well!

Be reminded to consider consulting your dermatologist first before using any of these fruits for skin care purposes if you have any skin problems or if you are doubtful about using them. Yes, they are all full of benefits, but you always have to be careful in everything!

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