HIIT Workouts- The Hottest Fitness Trend of the Season

HIIT workouts
Written by Micah Phillips

HIIT is a well-liked exercise routine in the sports community which is gaining a high popularity in the fitness circles these days. HIIT is basically an acronym for High Intensity Interval Training. As ought to be evident from the name, this sort of exercise schedule includes performing episodes of high power activities with specific interims of low intensity exercises. One of the highlights that have assumed a key part in making HIIT workouts a hit among the wellness enthusiasts is its capacity to continue burning fat for even 24 hours after the activity session is finished. This extraordinary effect is easily accomplished through this stunning exercise strategy that raises your body’s digestion to such a great level, to a point that it continues consuming calories for a long term even after you are done with the physical activity session.

HIIT workouts

It is absolutely justifiable that to accomplish this level of metabolic high one needs to buckle down and to push their limits. This exercise may have all the earmarks of being somewhat demanding in the beginning, in any case, with time your body will get accustomed to it and you will soon start getting a charge out of the time spent in working out notwithstanding appreciating the advantages offered by this marvellous exercise routine.

HIIT exercises are known to convey remarkable results if done in the right way. Because of its extraordinary nature, it influences you to consume calories for the range of the day, long after you have finished the action. These activities not just help you get fitter, but instead truly change your body into a calorie expending machine. By following such an intense exercise plan, you are actually making efforts to alter your body’s Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), which measures the proportion of calories your body devours while resting. The surprising part is that when you perform HIIT workouts your body keeps on burning fat for hours after completing the workout. Such an exercise program improves the strength of your cardiovascular system incredibly, which helps in decreasing the likelihood of suffering from coronary ailment, age-related ineptitudes and diverse diseases straightforwardly.

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You can fuse HIIT into your exercise routine from different angles. It all relies upon the objective you are attempting to accomplish. If your sole target is to get more slender speedily, then high power running for about 4 times every week would be adequate to get you closer to your goal. You ought to realise that regardless of the way that HIIT is the best technique to burn fat and develop muscle, it won’t work if do not furnish your body with the right kind of diet that is loaded with various essential vitamins as well as minerals. Following a balanced eating regimen that contains an appropriate mix of protein, carbohydrates and good fats is exceptionally basic while performing such demanding workouts.

HIIT is an exceptional exercise program in true sense. It helps you to get in your perfect body shape while helping you lose weight and building lean muscles. In any case, as people get highly amped up for gaining the incomparable benefits offered by this activity plan, they tend to go overboard and start going hard in the start, which is definitely not a correct approach. You should first take into account your present fitness level and move slowly to add more intensity to your workout schedule. Doing so will not get you exhausted but in fact enable your body to perform HIIT exercises in an ideal manner, which is essential to gain advantage from this magnificent exercise routine.

HIIT workouts introduce a striking method to upgrade your endurance and stamina while shedding those additional pounds without investing a lot of time in working out. There are many studies that feature the intense effects of HIIT on the body. Consequently, these exercises have a strong logical backing and the results appear to be substantial over various examinations.

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A HIIT exercise routine is by and large about Excess Post exercise Oxygen Consumption, which is prominently known as the EPOC effect. This is the thing that makes your weight to tumble off so quickly while following this sort of exercise routine. Due to this effect, your body keeps on burning calories long after you are done with the exercise because of the elevated level of metabolic rate which is achieved through HIIT exercises. The time that your body takes to get to a stable level after the HIIT exercise session leads to this effect which keeps on burning fat in the body. This means that no matter what you are doing after the exercise, it could be watching a movie, reading a novel or simply doing the dishes, your body keeps on burning calories which helps you lose weight fast.

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