How Can Sour Food Affect Your Teeth?

how to get rid of sour feeling in teeth
Written by Micah Phillips

Oral health happens to be one of the most valuable assets that you have. This is not only because of the facial aesthetic and the functional reasons but also because it has a great impact on your overall health.

It is for this reason that taking care of the oral health is not an option but a necessity. But in order to do that just brushing and flossing and regularly visiting the dentist won’t suffice.

You also have to be also careful about what you put inside your mouth. In fact, as far as our oral health is concerned we really are what we eat. And though yummy, the sour treats that we love to munch on often end up harming our oral health in one way or the other.

How Teeth Get Affected by Sour Foods?

The intake of too many sour treats can damage the tooth enamel. The enamel is composed of minerals and is quite hard. This enamel can, however, be damaged to a great extent by a poor diet and excessive acid in the mouth apart from physical damage done directly to the teeth.

The sour foods consist of enhanced amount of acidic substances in them which make them quite hazardous to the tooth enamel. With overconsumption this goes without saying that the tooth enamel will start to decay.  Demineralisation is what you call it precisely.

The Sour Foods to Avoid

The candies, grapefruits, oranges, lime, lemons and similar common food items are acidic in spite of most them being very healthy. For this reason, in order to ensure that they don’t hurt the enamel you should take them with water.

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However, there are other food items like cranberries, pickles, tomato products (including ketchup, sauce, hot sauce), alcohols like wine and coffee that are known for their pH levels.

Signs of Tooth Erosion

The constant intake of sour foods will eventually lead to erosion of the teeth. In early stage of erosion, the symptoms may not be that visible. The discolouration and the sensitivity, however, are the early signs of tooth erosion that can eventually turn out to be more severe if the acid attacks continue.

Here are some of the cautionary symptoms of tooth erosion that you should consider.

  • Teeth get discoloured as slight yellow stains are visible.
  • With the wearing away of the teeth enamel sensitivity occurs. You can feel a pang of pain when consuming a cold, sweet or hot foods and drinks.
  • Teeth get rounded at the edges and along the edges.
  • Along the biting edges, transparency of the front teeth appears.
  • Dents arise on the surfaces of chewing of the teeth. Fillings can also start to appear at this stage.
  • The roughness and cracks appear along the edges of the teeth.

How to Prevent damages from Sour Foods

Candies happen to be one of the most common sour foods and they are also known as gummies. So, try to avoid them totally if you are wearing braces as you are not supposed to have gummy foods under such circumstances.

In case of other kinds of sour foods, you should rinse your mouth thoroughly with water every time you have them. This way the acid will be removed to a great extent and less harm will be made to your teeth.

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Though you may think that immediately brushing the teeth can help you, it won’t! As that will do more damage to the enamel. So you must wait for half-an-hour before you brush after eating sour foods.

Apart from that, whether you have or do not have any dental implants like zirconia crowns that you can get at the best zirconia crown price in India from a reputed dental clinic near you, you should also visit your dentist at least twice a year for professional dental cleaning.

This way you do not only get a clean mouth, but any early signs of erosion can also be detected, and proper measures can be taken to prevent further damage.

The dentist can also guide you to make healthy dietary choices to keep at bay dental erosion if your dietary habits are further aggravating the situation.

Also, try to use fluoride toothpastes and mouthwashes regularly that can reduce decay and repair your tooth enamel and drink plenty of water so that optimum saliva production keeps your mouth moist and cleansed of these acidic substances.

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