How to Break Away from Harmful Blue Light?

Blue Light
Written by Micah Phillips

“We’re well aware that staring at the screens for a long is unhealthy for eyes yet we tend to do it; quite inescapable in todays digitally connected world.”

Blue light which emits from the pool of digital devices including smartphones, laptops and even high-resolution televisions can damage the eyes and impair your vision. Apart from retinal damage, significant exposure can result in eyestrain, headaches and extreme fatigue. During the onset, distance objects would become blurry accompanied with a glare all across the field of vision.

Fortunately there’re many different ways to maintain the vision and promote good eye health. Here’s how to break free from the harmful blue light.

A simple break

It’s one of the most common and necessary. Since we’re all dependent on our smart devices for constant stream of entertainment and socialising, addiction is likely to occur. And while we wouldn’t advice to isolate yourself from these digital devices, short and friendly breaks in between can work wonders.

Turn off the phone when at work as you can conveniently check emails from the usual desktop computer or laptop. Avoid using smart devices when at home from work; spend time with the family. Blue light at night time is most harmful due to circadian rhythm which severely disrupts sleep.

Vision training workouts

When consulting an eye specialist in Dubai, you’re likely to be recommended essential eye exercises for minor issues that can be resolved without any medication or surgical procedure. These eye workouts are important if nature of your job exposes you to the computer and digital devices for longer periods. Vision training workouts are simple quick stretches that you can even do while sitting in your office chair or at the lunch table.

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Rotate your eyes left and right without moving the head then stare far to the right. Perform the same movements but this time, look up and down; hold wash stress for nearly 10-seconds. Flexing the range of eye motion is important because they’re accustomed only to look straight the entire time. Just like other muscles of the body, eye muscles also need to be stretched.

Then there’s the 10-10-10 rule which is performed by working on computer for almost 10-minutes, then take the eyes of to stare an object kept 10-feet away from you and keep looking for 10-seconds. It may sound insignificant and even silly but can work wonders.

Blink frequently

Most of us are unaware of the reduced blinking when working on computers or scrolling through smartphones. People eventually get so engaged in their activities that blinking reduces significantly. Blinking is important to keep the eyes lubricated and relaxed especially when exposed to straining blue light. Simply place a sticky note on the computer screen to remind you of blinking and set a specific time in between work.

Protective eyewear

An eye specialist in Dubai is likely to recommend glasses that have blue-light filter baked on the lens. They’re quite transparent and work against the prescription as well as protect the eyes from blue light while providing ample adjustment from glare.

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