How To Increase Your Productivity At Work?

How To Increase Your Productivity At Work
Written by Micah Phillips

It is common for us to end our workdays with a heavy feeling that we couldn’t accomplish all that was on the list for that particular day. We have a goal, a list, a plan to start the day with but when the day ends we have this to-do list going even longer.

Well, if that’s what you also face often, you’d agree that being productive can be really hard sometimes. The key is to manage your time in a more conducive way to have maximum productivity. But, sometimes, you don’t really know where you should start from.

So, when you want to increase your productivity at work, here are a few things that you need to do. Try to incorporate them into your work routine to work smarter and increase the productive flow. Let’s check out what you need to do then!

  1. Don’t Multitask

It is often quite tempting to try and work at several tasks simultaneously, all in the bid to complete your jobs before time. This happens, especially, when the tasks seem so easy or small to handle. However, it often backfires. The experts suggest that multitasking isn’t humanly possible. When you start believing that you can easily juggle presentations, phone calls, and lunch, you are actually fooling yourself. Rather, you should focus on doing work one task at a time to be able to complete it quickly. Once you are done with one, you can definitely move on to the other without having to waste any time at all.

  1. Breaks Are Important

It is common for us to believe that working for longer hours can help accomplish more but that’s probably a myth that we need to bust here. Nobody wants to work when they’re burned out. In fact, studies have revealed that regular breaks can help you concentrate more and also boost your overall mood as well. So, small breaks like 5-minute walk within the office or maybe 15-minute break to grab mid-afternoon coffee would be enough to get all your motivation back and start working afresh.

  1. Use Reminders For Important Tasks

Yes, that’s sometimes really important. Amidst all the work burden, you can easily forget deadlines of your priority tasks and have to make excuses in front of your superiors in the end. So, you can avoid that by using reminders through online resources like or installing a dedicated reminders app on your device. Both the options work fine, but if you want something more dedicated which you can use for setting reminders a week ahead, maybe, then you should better rely on a quality smartphone app that is dedicated to serve the purpose. There are lots of options around, and you just need to read a few reviews online before making a reliable choice.

  1. Set Smaller Goals

Often times, it is quite overwhelming to look at the goals that you have set for yourself. Even a handful of mega projects on the calendar can be quite stressful. However, if you can break your big projects into smaller and more manageable tasks, it gives you a sense of control and you will be a lot more productive. When setting up project deadlines, don’t simply write “finish project” and rather mention smaller milestones that you’ll be achieving as you go. As a result, you’ll stay right on track when it comes to your day-to-day activities and all those mega projects won’t seem too daunting either.

  1. Get On To The Biggest And Most Difficult Tasks When You Are Most Alert

It is common for all of us to sometimes push those big goals aside just because we are not so confident whether we’ll be able to accomplish them or not. And, when we actually get to these big tasks, we are so burned out from the day and can’t give these tasks the attention they deserve. That is the reason why projects continue to span over extra days beyond the initially designated deadlines. As a result, you start feeling like you are not productive anymore.

When you are able to understand how and when you work at your best, it’s the key to accomplishing those mega projects right on time. Obviously, there isn’t a single schedule that would work for everybody. For example, if you love waking up early and do things better in the early hours, you should tackle those mega projects when you first sit at your desk.

  1. Stick To The “Two-Minute Rule”

You should make full use of your time when you are at work simply by filling in the smallest of time windows with some actual tasks. Experts say that finding small tasks and immediately completing them within a couple of minutes can actually help you save a lot of time. So, if there is something that requires you to give only two minutes to it, you should better do it right away.

Now, let’s take it from a different aspect. You can start any habit or goal in less than two minutes. That does not mean you can complete all your tasks within just 120 seconds, instead if you start on your new goals you have actually taken the first heavy step required to accomplish them.

With all that being said, remember that every day can’t be fully productive and, therefore, you shouldn’t regret over it. Rather, try to focus all your energies and simply follow the tips given above to make the most of your days. Once you are able to find out what works for you best, you will surely wonder at your improved productivity levels not just in office but also out of it as well. So, figure out your sweet spot, follow the tips given above and you are good to go for a more productive life than you might have ever had.

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