How Yoga can Benefit your Eye Health

Written by Micah Phillips

More than half the brain’s tissues are associated to vision

A human brain receives most of the information about the world in visual form which makes our eyes critical to the way we interpret our surroundings, take decisions and base our perspectives. Indeed, our eyes are always under a lot of pressure and this is the reason more and more yogis (yoga masters) explored on the optimistic results of yoga on the vision. Routine yoga practice can improve agility of the eye muscles, diminish strain and tension as well as improve the conditions directly impacting our vision.


Begin the practice in a comfortable seated or standing position. Your body’s muscles should be relaxed and engaged all at the same time. Gently focus your vision or gaze at something at a distance of few metres for approximately 30-seconds. Open your eyes as wide as possible and blink 10-times, you’ll eventually notice a relief sensation while you stretch in the lid muscles. Now, close your eyes for 20-seconds and repeat the process at least four times. This particular yoga practice increases blood flow to the eyes, enhances eye lubrication and stretches the muscles.


Maintaining the same relaxed position, gently rub your palms together till they’re warm and place them on the closed eyes. As you do this, breath evenly and your eyes would eventually feel very soothing and calmed. Palming trick is quite simple and can be performed anytime, anywhere to give your eyes instant relief from stress.

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Nose gazing

Our eyes are over exposed to digital devices and for those having such a job nature can’t escape which eventually affects our vision. Our eye muscles contracts frequently which allow us to focus closely on objects but in doing so, they get tired and strained. It can be relieved by looking at objects at a certain distance whereas in typical yoga practice, it’s performed through nose gazing.

Place the thumb or index finger a few inches away from your nose and stare at it for a couple of seconds. Slowly extend the distance by pulling your arm away from the nose. When your arm’s fully stretched, focus on the finger for at least 20-seconds. Be careful not to move your neck during the practice.

Shoulder stand

This yoga pose is excellent at increasing the blood flow to the optic nerve and the brain. Lie down flat on your back on the yoga mat with the palms facing down on either side of the body. Keeping the position, lift up your legs right above the rear, push yourself a little with the hands and lift your rear as well. Prevent strain by tucking your chin and neck and hold the position for at least one minute. This’ll flow the blood to your head which eventually freshens up the mind and soul as well as improves vision quality to a certain extent.


For severe eye and vision anomalies, its better visiting eye consultants in Dubai to have timely diagnosis and receive just the right treatment.

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