Natural Ways to Purify your Blood for a Healthy You

how to purify blood home remedies
Written by Micah Phillips

We may find several ingredients in our kitchen or house that can help us remove the toxic matters from our body further cleansing our blood. In India, we have heard about turmeric, neem, chirata, beet, garlic, bitter gourd, etc. as some of the most common items used in our daily activities since ages. Let’s have a closer look at the ingredients that actually benefit our health and fitness.

Here is the list of foods which can purify blood:

Broccoli – Broccoli has antioxidant that purifies blood, eliminates toxins and all impurities in our body, which are harmful for our health. Frequent consumption of broccoli can help you remain healthy.

Cabbage – Cabbage has several health benefits and drinking a glass of cabbage juice, which is believed to be an excellent home remedy for blood purification, can actually be very effective in cleansing the toxic matters from our body.

Apples – Apple helps clean toxic wastes in our body and also cleanses our intestine. Apples have high pectin content, that helps in binding the cholesterol and heavy metal content in our body.

Bitter Gourd – Bitter gourd or karela as known in many Indian households, though tastes bitter has numerous health benefits controlling sugar level and also cleansing our blood. One can have either steamed karela or karela juice to get the benefits it offers.

Neem – Neem is very popular in India and known since ages as a natural remedy for blood purification. Boil water, add neem leaves to it, cool it down and then drink that water after filtering the leaves out. It is one of the most celebrated blood purifying agents.

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Turmeric – Turmeric or Haldi as popularly known in India is a common Indian spice used in Indian kitchens since ages is yellow in colour and one of the must add ingredients in Indian foods. Since ages, haldi is believed to have lot of medicinal properties one of which is purifying blood.

Chirata – Chirata is a highly bitter ingredient available in many Indian kitchen gardens and very effective for the purification of blood. Make balls after grinding them, dry them and consume like tablets every morning in empty stomach. You can also soak dried chirata in water overnight and have the water first thing in the morning for health benefits.

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