Refreshing Drinks offer Numerous Health Benefits

refreshing drinks for summer
Written by Micah Phillips

When we talk about refreshing drinks, it is generally fresh fruit juices, packed juices, soft aerated drinks or could be even shakes and smoothies that generally people take to quench their thirst or for a refreshing feel. People look for various flavours and the industry is so huge and flourishing it offers an array of packaged drinks. The most favoured drinks in Indian market include – nimbu pani, aam panna, lassi and chanch and a large section of people has never ending love for RoohAfza since generations. Though nimbu pani, aam panna, lassi and chanch are very popular in Indian households, RoohAfza is a drink which though has captured a huge consumer interest till date, continues to gain ground even today for its unique benefits.

What could be the reason behind Roohafza’s popularity? This all-time favourite, Hamdard RoohAfza sharbat is a natural concentrated squash cum refreshing syrup, popularly known as the ‘summer drink of the east’. It is not just a drink, but a sweet memory that is relived almost by every Indian. Due to its herbal and aromatic flavour, it is extensively used in milk shakes, lassi, kulfi, kheer, etc. This drink has made a solid platform and passed over generation after generation as a form of tradition not only because of its unique taste blended with excellent formula, fragrance and unraveled qualities but also because of its long lasting cooling effects that provides freshness and energy all through the prickly heat of summer. It is continuously recommended for it has nutritional value that maintains and adjusts body’s water level and also for offering various other health benefits which remain unparalleled even after 100 years of its creation. Here are some of the health benefits of this fabulous drink.

  • Cardiovascular function: This lovely drink shows positive impact on the cardiovascular functions. With its unique herbal blend, this drink enhances the cardiac efficiency, smoothen the flow of cardiac blood supply and even controls heart beat.

  • Dehydration: As it is mentioned above, Roohafza natural refreshing drinks act an excellent agent in managing and controlling the water balance of a body. Apart from that, it works wonder against dehydration, heat exhaustion and excessive sweating since this herbal drink has the essence of some important minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and sulphur.

  • Indigestion: The nation’s favourite drink for generation is also taken as an excellent remedy for indigestion, giddiness, and stomach ache.

  • Anemia: This fruit-filled drink shows positive result by improving the haemoglobin content in blood. Regular consumption of it will definitely offer effective results.

  • Fever: To the surprise, RoohAfza is even used in the treatment of fever. Its cooling effect slows down the temperature of the body and hence it is helpful in curing fever.

  • Weight gain: Roohafza also helps in increasing the weight by promoting nitrogen balance in the body.

Since time immemorial, India is well-recognized for its Ayurvedic and Unani medicines, and Hakim Hafiz Abdul Majeed’s brainchild RoohAfza introduced in the year 1907 took this traditional genre of medication into another level. This exceptional creation apart from being a thirst quencher and a great agent for treating aliments also gets highlighted for offering itself as a celebrated recipe in almost every Indian house.

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