Saffron Basic Facts: Why One Should Buy Saffron Online?

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Saffron is an ancient extravagant spice that is being used to flavor multiple gives a distinctly rich golden color, notably the Buddhist monk robes, therefore, this spice is rarely used for this purpose today because of its precious value in the market. A pound of saffron fetches a price of more than $5000 to get highest quality Persian saffron.

Saffron is gold of spice and can’t be obtained easily. This spice is obtained by the flower of Crocus Sativus. Each plant produces 3 stigmas and they must have to be harvested within two weeks. It almost takes football sized field land to produce the one pound of this precious spice. To obtain enough stigmas of this plant workers are employed on 24 hours shifts to get enough of spice in a short time period that can be harvested.

The chemical composition of saffron

Chemically saffron exhibit over 150 aroma compounds though 10% of constituents carry alpha-crocin which are basically carotenoids pigments that give spice a characteristic color. To maintain spice in the pure condition it is necessary to protect from the oxidizing agents and the light and air to preserve its flavor.

Amazing history of saffron spice

The extravagant saffron spice has been cultivated 3000 years ago, and it is used in a wide array of botanical references in ancient history and the Hebrew Bible, and the Talmud. In ancient times it is utilized to cure illness, incense and as a pigment. In prehistoric depictions, the traces of wild saffron have been found 50,000 years ago. The great Alexander used this amazing spice in healing baths taken from the Persian baths that used to inspire the Greek baths of that time.

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The things to consider before buying saffron

When purchasing saffron be careful. It is mostly adulterated with other spices. Pure saffron is very expensive and exhibits a deep orange and brownish red color. The bright red color of saffron is from the red part of the saffron threads instead of its yellow portion that left uncut in low-quality saffron. In case of impure saffron whole saffron threads are ground into powder form.

Throughout, saffron history, the dishonest dealer’s adulterate saffron by adding similar color material to increase weight or also by dying the lower quality strands into a red, that leave a good quality saffron impression. The non-adulterated saffron only contains stigma of the Crocus flower.

Old saffron

All red saffron 10 years old is obviously not good quality saffron. The next norm is aroma. The old saffron lose pungent aroma and sometimes totally lack aroma. So good quality saffron is always bright red and has nice aroma. Persian Saffron buyer must know that saffron with some yellow stands is not pure saffron. It is fact completely red saffron is less potent. People who know how to get the best results from saffron they prefer little yellow stands in saffron.

Fresh saffron

Fresh saffron is less than one-year-old; some people call it Baby Saffron. The best quality saffron is obtained from the current crop year. The pure Saffron characteristic of red and yellow portions of the plant stigmas, whole red stigma is less potent. The red and yellow stigmas also demote it is pure saffron and not dyed form.

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Grading of saffron

Grading of saffron is carried out by its

  • Color
  • Floral waste content
  • Foreign matter

 Saffron exhibits three grades:

  • Mongra

The top parts of the plant dried stigmas

  • Lacha

The part of the plant stigma with style

  • Gucchi

Exhibits whole stigmas with style in bundles

How to buy saffron online?

The most important pattern to purchase saffron is to search for a source that you can rely on and trust. Since saffron is an expensive spice; some bad retailers can trick you to buy poor quality Saffron.

Looking to buy saffron online?

So, if you are thinking to make a wise choice, everyone knows Saffron is basically an original spice and not an easy product to find. Through buy saffron online, you have potential to get best saffron, better option yet, saffron will be shipped right to your doorstep. And for those people who prefer to buy Persian saffron online is the best way to go.

What is so helpful factor about being able to buy Persian saffron online?

Saffron exhibits multiple benefits. First and most important when you buy saffron online, you are content that you are going to buy pure and high-quality saffron rather in the case of retailers through a convenient resource.

You can always purchase the best Persian saffron available via online shopping that allows you to get a good selection for this amazing spice. After giving a look over all the spices available, you can easily make a futile decision. That denotes you are going to have the best spice for your health benefits.

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Buying saffron online give you more benefits like a number of deals, high-quality spice, excellent discount, that was not easy before. It can be three folds harder when you visiting into mortar shops and brick and as well as going through the inventory process. Deals seem to happen harder this way and buying process is time-consuming as well, that is the point why to buy saffron online. If you want to save your time and money again it is the best option to purchase saffron online, in this regards online venue would be an excellent option for you.

Nowadays, everyone is much busy in own life. It would seem that professional and personal responsibilities truly compete for certain desires that we wish to achieve. Sometimes, this bitter factor impacts the time availability to go shopping. Those people who make an option to buy saffron online will find time constraints and gets rid of much of their problem.

The main reason to buy saffron online is basically worth exploring. You never get constrained by schedule and can purchase at your own ease. That denotes your saffron spice rack will never get empty, which is certainly a good thing.

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