Some Conditions in which Herbal Medicines are Most Commonly Used

Some Conditions in which Herbal Medicines are Most Commonly Used
Written by Micah Phillips

Natural herbal medicines are part of the medical system which is strictly built upon the utilization of plants or their extracts. These include leaves, berries, bark, roots or even flowers. This type of medicines can either be had orally or applied externally. For example, natural herbal medicine for cough is taken orally for quicker relief.

These remedies have been in use since time immemorial across the globe by different countries and cultures such as the Indians, Egyptians and Chinese to treat different types of diseases and help the body function better. In the contemporary times, a large number of practitioners advocate the use of these remedies to treat a large number of medical problems and also enhance the general well being of the body.

Some conditions in which herbal medicine are most commonly used:

  • Skin irritation, inflammations and allergies

  • Stomach upsets, heartburn, indigestion and colic

  • Bedsores, diabetic ulcers

  • Respiratory conditions including colds, asthma, sore throat, flu, cough and chest congestion

  • Motion sickness, morning sickness and nausea

  • Blood pressure, cholesterol and sugars.

  • Sleeping disorders

  • Boosting of the immune system and fighting off fungal infections

  • Gynecological issues like period pains, premenstrual tension, and menopausal symptoms etc.

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