Some of the Best Natural Blood Purifying Agents

Some of the Best Natural Blood Purifying Agents
Written by Micah Phillips

India is the land of Ayurveda, the oldest science of medicine that cures naturally from inside out. There are cure for almost everything in Ayurveda, all one needs is a trust in the ancient natural therapy that heals us in every way for every problem. Be it body, mind or soul, it revitalise the body completely. Every part and every component in our body has an essential role to play to help us lead a healthy life. Blood is very essential component in our body that helps the body performs various functions like supplying necessary nutrients and oxygen to various parts of the body.

It also carries waste matters and carbon dioxide away from the cells, which is essential in making the functioning effective. Blood is very crucial in telling the overall health of a person. Hence it is necessary blood is kept toxin and impurities free. The 3 organs that remove toxins from body are -Liver, Kidneys and Lymphatic system. Cleansing of blood can be easily done by removing toxins from the system. By following a natural diet plan that is easy to follow and helps in purifying our blood can lead to a healthier life.

Today, many natural medicine manufacturers are coming forward with many such solutions like – Hamdard Safi Natural Blood Purifier. This and many similar natural solutions are easily available in the market and can be taken without much effort. Safi natural blood purifier in India is one of the oldest in this industry and one of the most reliable too. But, if you are not too inclined towards going the medicine way, then you can make some diet plans to help you purify your blood. And the best part is, you will find the ingredients in your own kitchen or with the nearby grocery shop or vegetable seller.

Some of the easily available items that can Purify Blood Naturally:

Triphala: One of the most common blood cleansing agents is Triphala – a mixture of 3 different fruits – Amla, Haritaki, and Bibhitaki, all three mixed in equal portion. This mixture helps in cleansing the digestive traction and colon, blood purification and detoxifying the entire body. This is one of the most effective weight loss solutions if consumed along with Guggul.

Turmeric: Found in every Indian household, turmeric has effective blood purification and cleansing properties in it. Turmeric is a very powerful antioxidant, when used along with neem purifies your entire body. It has anti-aging properties and prevents premature ageing too. Though in India, no meal is complete without turmeric in it, you can still have it in many other ways. Like adding it to your milk in the form of a powder or adding to food items in which you generally don’t.

Neem: The bitter herb, Neem since time immemorial is known to be a healer in India. Every single part of neem tree is used for medicinal purpose. It is one of the most publicized solutions for skin problems like acne and pimples and even in curing boils. It is very effective blood detoxifying and purifying naturally. It has anti-inflammatory properties too. It is very effective in wound healing, controlling sugar level, and weight loss management.

Karela: Bitter gourd or karela, as it is commonly known is quite popular in Indian kitchens. It is full of iron and fiber and known to be a potential source of calcium, potassium, and assorted vitamins. This bitter Ayurvedic fruit is a well-known blood purifier and a powerful detoxifier. Can add it to your diet in various forms – drinking karela juice, eating karela bharta or preparing various other recipes.

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