Tips on How to Not Get in Trouble when Buying Marijuana Seeds Online

Tips on How to Not Get in Trouble when Buying Marijuana Seeds Online
Written by Ratnesh Kumar

Online marijuana sellers offer an extensive range of seeds than many local dispensaries. You can find rare ones that are not common in physical stores. These sellers also offer better prices on seeds and offer discounts.

However, some people pick the wrong place to buy their seeds that they lose their money, have their identity stolen, or a malware infects their device. So where can I buy marijuana seeds online safely and how do I keep away from trouble? Let us show you with our guide for online seeds shopping.

Keep away from individual sellers

The first step in protecting yourself online is to avoid transacting with an individual who is selling marijuana seeds. The seller may likely be an independent breeder who is cultivating both seeds and marijuana. On the other hand, they might be a criminal looking to swindle anyone with a promise of marijuana seeds. Buying anything from someone outside of a dispensary is inviting trouble. Unless you are ordering from a friend or relative, you do not know if you can trust someone on the other side of the screen with your money.

With individual sellers out of the question, where can I buy marijuana seeds while at home? Reputable online dispensaries should always be the place to order your seeds. These sites offer security for each of your order. In addition, their reputation is at risk if you happen to receive bad seeds or your orders gets lost in the mail.

Use a secondary payment method

People who tend to get in trouble while ordering from an online dispensary are the ones who use their main credit card or an e-wallet account where they keep large amounts of money. If a hacker steals your credit card number or the login info for your e-wallet, they can freely buy anything they want. On the other hand, you will be taking the time and trouble working with a support staff to reverse any unwanted charges on your account.

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When buying seeds online, consider using a debit card or other payment method. This lets you control the amount of money you have no problem losing. If someone steals all vital info of your secondary payment account, you can always close it and open another one.

Be wary of fake dispensary sites

One of the methods that hackers use to steal vital info is a fake website that looks legitimate. Potential victims can give away their personal data and credit card info within the order form or when registering an account. Even without entering any info, simply visiting the site puts your computer or mobile device at risk of catching a malware.

You can immediately spot a fake website on the address bar of your browser. Nearly every legitimate dispensary will have an HTTPS for their URL instead of just HTTP. The added S at the end means that your device is on an encrypted connection to the website. Any data you type on the online dispensary will be very hard for outsiders to decipher or understand. Fortunately, some of the common browsers will alert you of entering an unsecured website.

Check on a dispensary’s reputation

Apart from getting in trouble with hackers, you may find yourself in a bad situation when ordering from one of the worst dispensaries online. Orders from these sites may take more than a week to reach your home. They might also send you low-quality seeds or the ones that have a very low chance of germinating.

Before clicking on the ‘buy’ button, try to look for any reviews on a dispensary first. You can find customer feedback on many online dispensaries at a cannabis directory site. Pay close attention to what people have to say about the company. Some sites may try to game the system by giving themselves high ratings with generic reviews. Look for a dispensary that has a large number of feedback with varying scores.  Some of these reviews are unbiased, which will give you a better insight into how a specific company treats their customer.

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Another way of looking up a dispensary’s reputation is to check how long they have been in business. Online cannabis retailers that are in business for a long time will likely provide a better buying experience than other companies will. A good way to check on the online age of a business is to check on their domain name. Some online tools will provide the creation date of a domain name. Another tool can show you screenshots of a dispensary site from a specific date.

Have an antivirus on your device

As mentioned above, you can still get in trouble when hackers can install a virus, malware, or any malicious software on your device. When their software successfully gets into your computer or phone, it will steal all of your personal information in the background. Other software may lock or encrypt your files while demanding for payment to release them.

You can protect yourself from most malicious software by installing an antivirus or security program on your device. Most of the highly rated programs are freely available.

Even with a security program on your device, it is important that you update them as soon as possible. An antivirus program that has yet to receive the latest update may not detect any new viruses or malicious software that just recently came out.

Apart from your security programs, the operating system update is also important. Computer operating systems regularly receive updates to patch any holes that allow a hacker to breach your files.

Use a private connection 

Hackers can still get your private information without using a fake dispensary site. They can do this through a public wireless connection. Potential victims connect to these networks to gain free internet access. In exchange though, hackers can utilize a man-in-the-middle trick.  This trick allows the hacker to look up the sites you visit and any data you entered, including your password and credit card information.

When buying marijuana seeds from an online dispensary, do it while at home where you have a secured network connection. If you need to order while outdoors, install a virtual private network (VPN) to your device. VPN will keep your connection private, making it difficult for hackers to steal any info from your device.

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Provide only the required information

Online dispensaries only need a few information from you to complete the transaction. This includes your name, home address, phone number, and payment details such as your credit card number. In most cases, you may need to provide a copy of your government issued ID to show them proof that you are of legal age.

Online shops do not need to know any other personal or important information. This includes your social security number or company bad number. Giving away these details to anyone can put you at risk of identity theft. If a dispensary asks for other personal information, check with their support line to know how the company will use it.

Check on a dispensary return and refund policy

It pays to buy from a dispensary that will refund your money or provide a replacement if something happens to your order. While the site may offer this service, you need to be aware of how their return policy works. This often involves sending back your seeds in its original packaging that has yet to be opened. By being familiar with a dispensary’s policy, you can avoid being stuck with the wrong seeds. If you do not see any return policy on the website, ask a customer service representative if the company offer refunds for bad orders.


Following these tips will help you avoid trouble while ordering seeds online. Scammers are on the hunt for potential victims who are looking to buy seeds through a dispensary site. As the Stoner Mom would say when it comes to buying marijuana “My advice to you is to be prepared for anything.”

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