Top Five Benefits of Orthotics

Written by Micah Phillips

Many people suffer from foot problems and face difficulty in walking and running. Orthotics is the best solution to foot problems. Custom orthotics is like the insoles that you see in the footwear stores. However, they are much different from the standard insoles.

Unlike the standard insoles, orthotics provides better balance and support to your feet and lower legs. They help in daily activities like walking, jogging and faster healing of injuries. Many individuals use foot orthotics in their shoes and sneakers for the absorption and distribution of shock and getting relief from stress and injury.

The benefits of using orthotics are many, but this post shares some of the top benefits of orthotics.

Supports the feet

Supports the feet


Foot orthotics support the feet for a more stable and balanced posture. People with foot problems need extra support while standing, walking and brisk walking. Foot orthotics offer enhanced support to the feet thereby reducing the pressure on the foot muscles and bones.

Moreover, the custom foot orthotics are specially designed according to the shape and size of your feet to offer you the maximum support for healing the foot issues. You can find the foot orthotics that suits your lifestyle and needs.

Correction of foot deformities

Orthotics helps in the treatment of foot deformities. They fit in the affected area perfectly and offer complete support while performing the daily activities like walking and standing. Foot problems that are diagnosed at the right time can be treated with medications and orthotics without the need of surgery.

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Foot orthotics also helps in the treatment of hip and knee problems like pain in the hip, knee joints, spine and back muscles. If you suffer from a foot deformity, you can ask your doctor about using foot orthotics for faster healing.

Foot pain

Foot pain


An average person walks 5000 to 10000 steps in a day. People who wear poorly fitted shoes do more damage than good to their feet by walking that many steps in such shoes. Foot orthotics offer you the space that your feet need to move around and prevent your feet from rubbing inside the shoes.

Wearing poorly fitted shoes can lead to conditions like bunion, hallux valgus deformity, hallux limitus and Morton’s neuroma. Using foot orthotics can help improve the effectiveness of treatment of such conditions and make the healing faster.

They maintain the correct position of your feet in your sandals or shoes and prevent them from the incorrect positions that cause pain. Orthotics also helps reduce the foot pain caused by sports injuries. They offer the required cushion and support that helps reduce the pressure on foot arches and bones that cause foot pain.

Post-injury healing

Post-injury healing


Foot orthotics also helps you heal from injuries and offers the support that your feet needs in the healing period. Orthotics can be customised according to the shape and size of your feet to provide the required support. For example, if you are recovering from a broken toe, you can use the custom orthotics that offers your foot the support that prevents your toe from the brunt of weight while standing or walking.

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Foot orthotics also help the sportspersons to improve their strength, endurance and performance. They also reduce the pressure on feet and knees while performing high impact activities like running and jumping.

Postural Balance

Postural Balance


When the lower body is affected by the incorrect balance, the spine and upper body also compensate. Every patient adapts differently to the abnormal support from the lower limbs.

Some people feel pain the in hips and back due to misalignment of feet which affects the posture of the upper body. Foot orthotics corrects the postural balance of the lower body as well as the upper body.

The custom orthotics help improve the biomechanics of the lower body which supports the spine and back. With proper support, they help the patients maintain the correct posture of feet and legs which in turn supports the upper body to maintain its posture.

Final words

Foot orthotics are not only meant for lower leg problems but also healthy people. People who don’t experience any foot problems can also benefit from foot orthotics for comfort, balance and support.

Moreover, people with diabetes and arthritis can also take the advantage of orthotics for reducing the stain on legs and maintaining the balance. Orthotics are very popular in Gold Coast Australia. People who live in Gold Coast can search for orthotics Gold Coast for treatment of foot problems.

People who benefit from orthotics include the individuals who stand or walk for prolonged hours on hard surfaces. Also, the people who participate in high impact sports activities like running and jumping. The use of orthotics is not limited to medical conditions and injuries. Anyone can use the orthotics to maintain their health.

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