Types of Hernia You Can Develop

types of hernia you can develop
Written by Micah Phillips

Developing hernia can be the worst thing to happen to a person. Majority of the doctors across the globe recommend surgery to fight any type of hernia found in the body of a person. If you have developed any type of hernia then you must not delay in getting treated because not treating hernia surgically can prove to be costly as it leds to serious medical complications

What is a Hernia?

Weakness or tear in muscle of the abdominal wall containing intestines or gut results in hernia. With time this weakness becomes more pronounced and a small portion of the intestine even swells through the abdominal wall. People suffering from hernia may witness this swell appear and disappear over time. It may not be felt when you are lying down or you may feel it’s completely gone on some day before it makes its presence felt again.

This cat and mouse game keeps people wonder whether to go to the doctor or not. Many are reluctant to visit, but it is strongly advisable to everyone noticing such thing to visit the doctor and get diagnosed quickly.

Types of Hernias

Though, there are different types of hernias, they all happen in the same way–through weakening of the abdominal wall structure of the body. The exact location where hernia occurs helps in determining the type of hernia you have developed. It generally occurs from the middle of the torso and goes down to the groin.

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Incisional Hernia

This type of hernia basically develops at the site of a previous abdominal surgery. So if you have had an abdominal surgery in past then there are chances that the bulge maybe because of it.

Umbilical Hernia

This occurs around the navel and has more chances of occurring in infants, whose muscles didn’t close completely around the umbilicus.

Inguinal Hernia

This involves a bulging of the intestine through the lower abdominal wall which is promptly visible and gives lot of pain.

Direct Femoral Hernia

This is a type of groin hernia that appears as a bulge in the thigh. So when you feel a bulge on your thigh, it is better to consult a doctor because it is not a common thing to happen.

Indirect Inguinal Hernia

In this the intestine bulges through the inguinal wall and causes pain to the patient.

In the End

Since hernia doesn’t take into account the sex of the person, it can occur in both men and women. Hence, don’t think that you will be safe because you are not of the specific gender that develops this problem. Quickly look for a proficient doctor in New Jersey and get treated. Get Hernia Surgery without fail for better health.

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