Why Your Skincare Routine is Not Working for You

Written by Micah Phillips

Skincare is one of the most delicate subjects to ever be discussed on paper, most especially when it’s published online. Nonetheless, it is also one of the most important aspects of human nature as it entails change and growing up for both men and women of modern times! Now, when it comes to this, there are various skincare routines out there; some of them work while others not. Thankfully, with the wide array of products showcased by Beyonde, there’s not a shortage of options for you to choose from!

However, what can one do when their skincare routine isn’t working? You’ve washed your face so many times, moisturized, rinsed, repeated. You even bought numerous creams and topicals to apply to your skin, yet, none of them have effect. So, the question here is ‘why’? Here are some of the best explanations that can help answer that unfortunate question:

You May be Trying More than One Product at the Same Time

Ever heard of the expression: one at a time? Well, this particular saying can apply to this aspect A LOT! Cosmetics are some of the most iconic and recognizable products to ever hit store shelves, no matter what the brand, and yet, if you try different products of the same variant at the same time, then it can explain why your skincare routine isn’t doing you much good!

Think of it this way: cosmetic products can still contain chemicals, and if you try all of them on your face and/or skin at the same time, then a reaction of some sort is inevitable. Take your time with the product you have and see if that works. If it doesn’t, move on to the next one! Simple as that!


You’re Being Impatient

Patience really is a virtue—and if you possess the opposite, then get ready for some consequences. When it comes to handling cosmetics for your skin, they can take some time to take effect. In fact, many of their estimated timeframes for when each product can take effect are mostly written on the label, or announced during the commercial of that product! So, if it says you’ll start to see results within 2-3 weeks, it’s best to wait out those 2-3 weeks—otherwise, if you rush these products too much simply because you expect instant results, then nothing’s going to happen…at least not yet.

You Didn’t Put Enough

When it comes to proper application, make sure that everything is covered! Also, double-check everything—because you never know if you’ve missed a spot until you actually see the spot you missed!

Also, make sure to apply a quantity that’s enough for the skin to absorb! Putting too much or too little can have little to no effect…or it can lead to some nasty reactions in worst case scenarios!

Key Takeaway

All in all, these 3 points to take note of should explain some of your doubts as to why your skincare routine isn’t working. Products from Beyonde and other brands can only do so much—so keep these 3 in mind if you want extra reassurance!

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